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The consultant should buy the best type of SAW machine

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The consultant should buy the best type of SAW machine
The saw is a versatile saw, it does many things that most other saws do not. You can make a table, a kitchen sink, a wooden children's toy. Circular saws help you create curved or straight saws on your wood, thin stone (floor tiles), thin metal ...


The saw is a versatile saw, it does many things that most other saws do not. You can make a table, a kitchen sink, a wooden children's toy. Circular saws help you create curved or straight saws on your wood, thin stone (floor tiles), thin metal ...

If you are a creative person with wood, the SAW is the first machine you should buy!

The saw is a versatile saw, it does many things that most other saws do not. You can make a table, a kitchen sink, a wooden children's toy. Circular saws help you create curved or straight saws on your wood, thin stone (floor tiles), thin metal ...

Metal band saws

This article will give you point and type of chain saws. We also mention the best-selling chainsaw models available today.


Hand-held saws

Hand-held saws

This is the most popular chain saw, it allows you to move both flexible and can be fixed for sawing on the table when needed. The application of hand-held saws is very broad, depending on the needs that you can use it to work on different materials.

Mini saws

Mini saws

Installed as a fixed table saw, this makes the workpiece more accurate. Often you can also move the sawing machine from the table for flexible use such as hand held saws. 
Pliers only

Pliers only


Also known as a mini-band saw, it allows you to create ultra-thin cuts on materials. This is necessary when you need to manipulate with high accuracy. For example, cutting wood into children's toys, or manipulating the table with the desired shape.

Pliers stand

Pliers stand

It is a large size, high power saw. Its purpose is to cut thick materials with the same precision as other chainsaws.

Standing Pliers for use in factories or large production facilities, professional.

Table saws

The saw is available with a saw, so that mini saws or vertical saws can also be called table saws.

The purpose of having a table available is to help you move the material when cutting instead of moving the saw. This makes the cutting line more accurate.

Homemade saws

The principle of the saw is not too complicated, with the engine, saw blade, saw, so that we can sometimes produce the saw to save money.

8 Best Selling Machine


This is not a famous brand name but the advantage of it is cheap. Talk about quality is also much appreciated by many workers compared to famous brands.

  • Equipped with 6 speed levels so you can choose
  • Dedicated design with safety lock, two-way lock, suitable for left and right handers
  • Vacuum hose to reduce dirt when working
  • Power 650W, maximum speed 3000v / min, volume 2kg, warranty 06 months
  • JOUST MAX JS41001

1 speed 450W-Black & Decker KS600E

Other than the above model, you only have a choice of speed when buying this product.

  • The product of the American brand is Stanley Black & Decker but made in China
  • The compact design, handy
  • The saw blade is placed underneath the pedestal firmly, to minimize vibration
  • Usable with many different materials such as wood, protrusions, steel ...
  • Power 450W, no load speed 3100v / min, weight 1.9kg, 3m long wire
  • 1 speed 450W-Black & Decker KS600E

MAXPRO MPJS800VLQ circular saw

Similar to JOUST MAX, Maxpro is also a well known brand of sawmill machines thanks to its competitive price, acceptable quality of the product compared to its price.

Some of the outstanding technical features of this SAW is:

  • Capacity: 800W
  • No load speed: 500-3,000rpm, speed rating
  • Sawing ability: wood 80mm; 10mm metal; Plastic 35mm
  • Tilt: 45 degrees left or right
  • 3-level blade adjustment
  • Straight beam lazer
  • Clamped type saw blade
  • The machine is beautiful, easy to manipulate, strong motors, aluminum alloy, super durable
  • Weight: 2.0kg
  • Warranty: 06 months
  • MAXPRO MPJS800VLQ circular saw

Pliers Makita 4327

This is one of the few handsets today. Part of it is the product of the famous brand from Japan - Makita.

  • Soft, quiet, easy to use
  • There is only one saw blade attached to the machine, if you need more than you have to buy more
  • Power: 450W
  • Wood saw: 65mm (2-9 / 16 ")
  • Steel Saw: 6mm (1/4 ")
  • Shear: 18mm (11/16 ")
  • Average per minute: 500 - 3,100: 4327
  • No load speed: 3,100 rpm
  • Dimensions: 224 x 77 x 197mm (8-7 / 8 "x 3" x 7-3 / 4 ")
  • Net weight: 1.9kg)
  • Conductors: 2.0m
  • Warranty 06 months
  • Pliers Makita 4327

Dremel Motosaw F013MS20NC

If you are looking for a mini saver for your model, then you should choose this model. Because it received a lot of compliments from people who used it. The Dremel Motosaw F013MS20NC is also the most popular on the market.

Unlike the models mentioned above, the capacity of this machine is only 70W, suitable for cutting soft materials with high cutting accuracy. So you need a healthy machine should not choose this code.

  • The stand can be separated to act as a loose saw
  • Quick Replacement Mechanism makes it easy to change accessories
  • Variable Speed ​​Control optimizes the cutting of a variety of materials
  • Fasteners can be used with a wide variety of tables, chairs and surfaces
  • Vacuum Cleaner keeps the work area clean
  • Dremel Motosaw F013MS20NC

Bosch GST 80 PBE Professional

Bosch has a number of well known chain saw models and the GST 80 PBE is just one of those models. Their product features are high reliability but cost is always high and medium.

  • Machine made of good material and for high durability
  • Compact, easy-to-handle design
  • Powerful motor with power up to 580W
  • Manufactured using German advanced technology but factory in China
  • Warranty 06 months
  • Bosch GST 80 PBE Professional

Hitachi CJ90VST

This is a 705W saw, which seems to be more suitable for those who already have experience.

  • Hitachi is Japanese but the machine is made in China
  • Metal and plastic materials
  • Cutting capacity 90mm
  • Ability to cut steel sheet 8mm
  • Cut glass at least 25mm
  • Angle of 45 ° left
  • 20mm thickness
  • Roughness / 850-3000 / min
  • Hitachi CJ90VST

Pliers Metabo STEB-70

Metabo is known as the German brand of saws with high prices. In return, you get production in Germany with generally good quality guaranteed.

  • The design makes working simple, comfortable
  • The swiftly changing blade helps you save time by using a key to replace the cutting blade.
  • Wheels to adjust the speed as you like
  • Ability to connect with a vacuum cleaner to reduce dust when working
  • Working with materials: wood, iron, aluminum, plastic ...
  • Pliers Metabo STEB-70

Other manufacturers include ACZ, Maktec, Makita, Ozito, Total, Dongcheng, Ingco, Kainuo, and DCA.

Note when buying a chain saw

  • As you have seen above, various types of chainsaws are available. The first thing is that you determine the need to choose the right type of saws
  • In terms of cost, when you want to cheap only select the machine under 1 million. While the most popular models are priced at over $ 1 million. Talking about prices is very inexpensive but generally do not need to buy too expensive.
  • Machine functions and mechanisms are not the same. Knowing the characteristics of each machine before buying is essential.
  • Pliers can be counterfeited. So choose a reputable place to buy with the paperwork and full warranty

How to use a saw

Use a saw blade

Using the right saw blade is key to cutting a variety of materials

The saw is sometimes covered with dust for months. But there are times when I need it to cut a complex piece of material for personal enjoyment, make a table, install a kitchen sink, or cut materials such as slate or metal. Other saws are not available. That's why this product is popular. It is a versatile and safe tool for beginners, easy-to-use and does not require much guidance to create quality results in just a few minutes.

We will guide you to achieve perfect results when cutting wood, laminated plastics, floor tiles and metals.

Use saws to cut wood

  • Hold the guide stand on the sawing surface. Start by applying a guide to the saw surface with a saw blade that does not touch the material. Start the machine, leading the saw near the mark of the cutting position (for smooth polishing) and moving from the curve to the inner corners.
  • Always bring the saw blade to the front with enough speed to cut without damaging the material and prevent the motor from getting caught. Avoid leaving the saw blunt in the corner with straight cuts
  • Blade cut to cut straight lines: The machine is flexible enough to cut straight lines, shape the boards and cut the planks. Hold the sawing material and put the saw blade along the stopper. Avoid straightening the saw blade to the plane (causing deformation and cracking) using horizontal bars to lift the piece of material.
  • Finishing the saw blades of the circular saw: The saw blades can complete the cut edges of the circular saw blades on the planks, floor planks and sheet materials precisely. To avoid protrusions on the stairs, hold the saw blade against the inside of the cutter
  • Use saws to cut wood
  • Multi-purpose saw blades for wood cutting: Saw blades are suitable for cutting curves or complex shapes on wood. The machine can also cut the crooked curves on the wood and complete the cut lines with circular saws. Circular saws are not suitable for cutting long and straight lines. Instead, use a circular saw. When cutting wood, follow the instructions.
  • The most suitable saw is a soft wooden planks cut not more than 1-1 / 2 in, hard wood 3/4 in. Pliers are often curved when the curves on the planks are too thick, causing the edges to be oblique rather than square. To keep the cutting line square, use a sharp saw blade and avoid cutting the saw through the material.
  • To cut a slot from the middle of an object without drilling the hole first, ie direct the saw blade through the surface between the board, tilt the saw to the saw blade parallel to the material and the weight of the saw. the nose of the guide platform. Start the saw at maximum speed, tilt the guide base and lower the saw blade to strike the surface of the material.
  • For perishable materials, drill in front of a 1/2-in-deep hole, to place the saw blade securely.
  • For quick cutting, use a rough saw blade. But keep in mind that the rougher the saw, the longer it will be.
  • Most of the saw blades for saw blades are designed so that the saw teeth are upwards. With elaborate carpentry work requires less shavings, sawdust.

For example: As a decorative wood, choose the saw blade down. Another method is to use a tape covering the sawing position before drawing on a specific saw.

Using the saw cutting machine

  • Drill before sawing: For accurate cutting, no sawdust on plywood, drill in front of a 1/2-in. Deep hole on the table.
  • Squeeze the teeth down, cut along the line marked on the tape. Avoid scratching the tabletop surface with adhesive tape on the guide base.
  • Pliers with teeth down: The saw is well suited for cutting curves (or short cross cuts) at the corner of the table surface and the last longitudinal cut parallel to the wall.
  • Using the saw cutting machine
  • When installing the washbasin, make a front cut and two sides of the counter with circular saws. It will be faster and will not damage the saw blade. The narrow gap between the cut and the wall will not be sufficient to accommodate the relatively large directional guide of the circular saw but sufficient for the narrow guide ledge of the saw bodies.
  • If you are unfamiliar with circular saws, you can use a chain saw for all stages. However, sawing the counter face with a chain saw is often slow. It is advisable to choose the saw blade with the toothed down. 5/16-inch saw blade, each printed. 8 teeth, minimally cut saws.
  • Use a relief cut blade to cut the curves to easily push the saw blade.

Use the saw cutter to cut floor tiles

  • Cut slowly when working with tile material
  • Use a carbide grinding blade to create curved lines on 1/4 "thick wall tiles. Work faster and avoid bricks if you clamp bricks and lightly spray to keep the cut lines lubricated.
  • Circular saws with adjusting head for rotary saw blades are most suitable for cutting curves. This is a job that requires patience, change the saw blade, and use the reverb to cut the narrowest angles.
  • Used to cut the curves on the tile about 1/4-inch thick. Cutting specific curves or shapes on tiles with a click of a button and hand saws is often slow and causes bricks to break. If you need to cut walls not thicker than 1/4 print, use a chain saw
  • .Use the saw cutter to cut floor tiles
  • Use a special toothless saw blade, with carbide grinding wheels for cutting. For thin bricks, regularly add water to the cutting line during cutting to lubricate. To cut longer bricks, lubricate the saw blade with oil. To minimize the risk of bricks, it is imperative that the bricks are firmly clamped and that the saw blade is securely held on the tile surface to control saw blade vibration. Avoid causing friction on the tile surface due to adhesive tape on the guide base.
  • Slow cutting, using angled lines to remove the excess, slightly push the saw through the curved line.

Use metal cutting machine

  • Cut sheet metal without chopping by clamping the material between the two plywood panels. Start by drilling in front of the holes to place the saw blade inside the marked curve. Cutting through the sandwich layer between the plywood will be relatively slow. To create a sweet cut, use a 21 to 24 metal saw blade on one print.
  • Saw blade for metal cutting: Use 21 to 24 tooth saws on one print to cut metal
  • With the right saw blade, the saw can cut through a 1/8-inch-thick nail. Non-ferrous, non-ferrous steel pipes and sheet metal thickness up to 10 gauge. To cut a sheet of metal, select the 21 to 24 saw blades on 1 print. To prevent the sheet from being chopped or raised, clamp the material between the two plywood panels. Cut sheet metal and pipe at low speed.
  • Use metal cutting machine
  • To cut the specimen, drill in front of the holes instead of directly drilling into the center of the object. Note that it will take time to cut through the clamped material.
  • When cutting with the saw, lift the material clamped with horizontal bars to see the bottom of the saw blade.
  • Features such as stronger saw blades, long saw blades, multiple cutting speeds and orbital cutting are all advantages of metal cutting and are often found on more expensive chainsaws.
  • Saws with an attachment to the vacuum cleaner to keep the road clean, dust free is also a strong point. Cutting pipes and soft steel plates often make blades blunt. Be prepared for multiple saw blades, pick up the rough saw blade (about 14 teeth in one print) and lubricate the saw with oil.
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